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Meet Your New Principal - Tameka Goods

It is such an honor and a privilege to continue serving at South End Elementary as your new principal for the 2023-2024 school year.

Since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be an educator and I always wanted to make a difference. I’ve had the opportunity to give back and pour into others as others have done for me. To be able to work with some of my former teachers and serve as the principal of my former students' children is mind blowing and a full circle moment for me. I’m so excited for the work we have started and the work we will continue. There’s so much in store and I can’t wait to continue this journey with you.

Here’s a little about me. I’m going into my 20th year of education. I began my career as a teacher in 2003 as a 5th grade teacher at Lawsonville Avenue Elementary. I’ve had the opportunity to serve as an instructional coach/curriculum facilitator at Lawsonville Avenue Elementary, Moss Street Elementary and Wiley Elementary in Guilford County. I received my bachelor of arts from UNC-Charlotte, my master’s in education from North Carolina A&T, and my post-master’s in School Administration from UNC-Greensboro. I have served as an assistant principal for Monroeton Elementary, Wentworth Elementary and South End Elementary. I’ve had the pleasure to serve South End Elementary for the last two years. Working under such awesome principals present and past, has allowed me to grow and lead in different capacities. There have been many opportunities to lead and develop my own leadership style. I absorbed and adapted to those responsibilities and took advantage to learn and grow from those experiences.

As we know, education plays a major role in everyone’s life. The success of education starts with our schools and how effectively lessons are delivered, implemented and the dedication of the staff to the students. I’m passionate and dedicated to our students, parents and staff at South End. My vision is to keep students first while providing and maintaining a caring, welcoming and safe learning environment for all students, parents, staff and the community. I challenge all stakeholders to be creative and think outside the box and push themselves to ensure we’re giving our students the best education and pushing them to reach their full potential. Making sure teachers receive the tools needed to be successful like providing differentiated professional development that meets the needs of teachers to just being a listening ear is just as important for a successful school year.

My goal for the 23-24 school year is to continue to foster meaningful relationships with students, parents, staff and our community with the goal of helping every child succeed in school and ultimately in life. We will provide the tools and resources for all to be successful, confident and prepared for the next level. It is my goal to make a positive contribution to the school and the district. Learning is the key for us all to be successful. Given the skills and tools needed to help everyone reach their full potential, it opens the door for student growth and improves our school all around. I am confident that I will be an asset to the school and district because of my strong passion for success for all. The best is yet to come!

“Prowlin’ with Success - It’s Game Time”,

Tameka Goods

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