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Low Performing School Parent Notification Letter

The General Assembly has made some changes to the definition of a “Low Performing School” and has given some specific guidance and direction to these schools and districts. As defined in G.S. 115C-105.37: “The State Board of Education shall design and implement a procedure to identify low-performing schools on an annual basis. Low-performing schools are those that receive a school performance grade of D or F and a school growth score of "met expected growth" or "not met expected growth" as defined by G.S. 115C-83.15.”

The School Performance Grades are based on student achievement (80%) and growth (20%). The indicators and the proficiency standard or benchmark used for achievement include EOG assessments in 3rd-5th Grade Math, 3rd-5th Grade ELA and 5th Grade Science (Level 3 and above)

South End Elementary School received a school performance grade of D and a school growth status of “not met expected growth” and as low performing schools, are required to develop an improvement plan that specifically addresses how the school will improve both the school performance grade and school growth score.

To access our 2019-2020 Leadership/School Improvement Plan, please go to:

You will need a guest access account to enter this site:

Guest Login - GuestS17189

Password - GuestS17189

Public Comments regarding South End Elementary School's School Improvement plan may be submitted HERE.

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