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Important Covid-19 information

Our RCS Board of Education met last night and we wanted to share the information listed below:

  1. *RCS Attestation Form- every family must submit this for each of their children in their family prior to September 21st! Thank you!

  2. *Brief RCS Safe Return to Learn Video (only 4 minutes)- this video details our safety protocols in a quick way!  All you need is the link above and you can share this video on twitter and also through email!

  3. *Please view  Our Safe Return to Learn Video Recording (details safety protocols- about 20 minutes) and also the presentation in google slides is located here:  Safety Protocols Presentation

  4. *View Our Safe Return to Learn Master FAQ Document

  5. Please post this document RCS Prevention, Response, and Considerations for School Closures for COVID-19 (this document shares school closure guidelines that were approved by our Board of Education on the evening of 09-14-2020.)

  6. *PPE Guidance and Directions Document  (This document details PPE and equipment schools received.)

  7. Our Safe Return To Learn” Guidebook (This is the long guidance document that has all of our safety protocols.)

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